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Information on Florida Payday Loans

There has been notable financial reform laws in America that led to the facelift of the payday lending laws.

As much as the lending businesses have been mandated on the state level, the initiative to crack down on predatory lenders has greatly affected the entire industry.

There has been a constant tug of war, which has kept the restrictions really tight.

The lenders have been appealing to the lawmakers to allow their business to continue, while the watchdog organizations argue that the high interest rates and charges imposed on the loans are unscrupulous and unfair.

Are Payday Loans Legal?

Currently, payday loans are legal; although they are regulated in some states. There are some states that do not allow the practice under their laws and statutes. Take note that the states that allow payday loans impose usury limits and also place caps on the annual percentage rates.

What do Payday Lenders Offer?

Payday lenders in Florida provide short term loans in exchange of the borrower’s check. Usually, lenders charge a fee for issuing out payday loans and they agree to hold on to the check for a certain duration before depositing it.

Payday Laws in Florida

In Florida, payday lenders are regulated by the Financial Regulations Office. Members of the public are allowed to verify a lenders license or file a complaint online on their official site. Those with additional questions can call the office directly.

It is essential to note that consumers who take payday or instant cash advance loans Florida are entitled to some amount of protection, which is guided by the Florida Law:

Borrowers are allowed to borrow up to a maximum of $ 500 per loan.

A borrower should have one outstanding loan at any given time. This can be tracked through a state database that details all the loans that have been issued out.

The maximum amount is 10% of the principal amount plus a $ 5.00 verification charge.

The loan term should not be less than seven days and it should not exceed 31 days.

Specific terms of the contract that limit the borrowers rights are forbidden.

The borrower should pay the whole amount of the previous loan and, then wait for 24 hours before getting another loan. The essence of having this period is to prevent the loans from rolling over, and also to provide consumers with a chance of considering other financial alternatives.

In case the borrower is not able to pay back the entire loan in full by the end of the loan term, the lender must issue him or her with a sixty day grace period without imposing any additional charges. Take note that the grace period depends on whether the borrower makes an appointment with any recognized consumer credit counseling firm within seven days. In addition, he or she should be able to complete the counseling within the sixty day grace period.

Dealing with Online Lenders

True, payday loans come in handy especially when faced with an urgent financial need, but, you should give careful thought to all the financial alternatives that you have. In addition, it is advisable to confirm the lenders license at the OFR site or by calling 850-487-9687. This is especially important when dealing with online lenders. When you deal with unlicensed online payday loans, it becomes extremely difficult to resolve any potential problems that may arise. You may end up dealing with a company that is not even located in America, hence making verification is vital.

Differentiate Payday Loans from Other Types of Loans

In addition, you should be careful about dealing with short-term products that simply mimic payday loans like the installment loans, car loan titles and the open ended credit lines. Always compare the offers that different lenders are giving you before settling in for a specific lender. As you make your comparisons, you should be keen on analyzing the penalties and the fees that are stipulated in the agreement. Since payday loans must be paid back with an interest, you should borrow only an amount that you can comfortably pay back. Many make the grave mistake of borrowing an amount that they cannot afford to pay, which in turn has serious consequences.

As you sign up for a  payday loan, ensure that you read and understand the terms and conditions that have been stipulated in the contract. Make sure that you mark the date when you are expected to repay back the loan.

One common practice that payday lenders have is keeping their interest rates within legal limits, but, they add handling fees and multiple process fees. However, this practice has now been cracked on and most lenders are stopped from charging any fees that have not been allowed by the state law. The lenders are required to list all their fees upfront and such fees should remain constant.

Notably, there are several non profit organizations based in Florida that can assist you with your financial issues. Majority of such organizations offer assistance with credit repair, budgeting and debt repayment among many other related services.

Before taking out a payday loan, it is essential to note that different states have varying regulations for the same. There are states that have heavy regulations that go as far as limiting the amount of interest that the lender can impose on the loan. However, there are some states that have minimal regulations hence the payday loan lenders have the freedom of charging as much interest as they want on the loan. So, it is necessary to know your legal rights when taking a payday loan in any given state.

As much as many states have documented payday loans laws in their books, many are not equipped with the resources needed to enforce them. This gives the lenders and borrowers some leeway to circumvent those specific restrictions. In many cases lenders try to work the system to their full advantage. Understanding the Florida payday loans laws is essential for the residents of the state who are interested in taking payday loans. So, before taking a payday loan, you should know the provisions that are provided by the law.

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