Instant Advance Cash F.A.Q.

How Do I Get Approved For An Instant Cash Advance With IAC?

Simply complete our fast, easy 2 – minute online instant cash advance loans application, and you will be informed of your approval status online or via email and receive your funds via an electronic transfer to your bank account within 24 hours!

How Much Will I Receive For My Instant Cash Advance?

Typically, the amount you borrow for any fast cash advance loan is smaller than typical traditional loans, this is designed so that you can pay it back in only one or two payments.

When, Where, and How Will I Receive My Instant Cash Advance Funds?

IAC loans let you choose from several options when it comes to how you want to receive your money, and we are typically able to transfer your approved online advance loan funds within 15 minutes (where available; an additional fee may apply).

However, every bank is different and your bank determines when those funds are available to you, so make sure to check with your bank prior to receiving your cash advance funds into your account.

What’s The Difference Between An Instant Credit Advance And A Next Paycheck Instant Cash Advance?

Short-term loans are very similar to what many people call a payday loan, but cash advance loans differ in that they don’t usually require a full balance charge-off or a single repayment on payday.

Instead, our loans are typically repaid via several pre-agreed upon payments on a schedule.

If you want to see some more info about the differences between cash advance loans and other types of online loans then check out this great article on Investopedia:

How Do I Communicate With My Cash Advance Loans Providers?

When dealing with online cash advance providers, the entirety of the process is handled electronically online. That means no traveling to a physical location to fill out lengthy paperwork and endlessly confusing forms.

Is It Easy To Get Same Day Approval For My Instant Cash Advance From IAC Loans?

At IAC loans, getting the instant cash loans online that you need is fast, easy, and safe!

Are There Any Limitations Or Restrictions On How I Spend My Instant Pay Cash Advance?

IAC Loans doesn’t place any limitations on how your credit advance is used.

Once you are approved for any amount and once you have received those funds, the money is yours to do as you please.

Of course, IAC loans do encourage responsible use of borrower’s financial resources, we want you to succeed financially, to that end our goal is to help eligible individuals build their credit over time.

IAC loans always recommend that individuals who take credit access checks use them responsibly.

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